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If you have given yourself to any aspect of life not necessarily just a man or a woman for the sake of convenience and comfort without love in your heart then you are an adulterer. In love you can just sit here for a lifetime.

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Love is what you become.

Sadhguru quotes on love. Sadhguru quotes on love and life. Lust is a strong need. Dreams are like footprints.

If you are very happy you will do many more things than if you are unhappy sadhguru. To simply sit here and know the tenderness of being alive means being drenched in love. Love is what you are sadhguru.

When you love you settle down nothing more is needed. Love is not what you do. If someone loves you because you are theirs it is about you being their property.

You can feel what you want to feel within yourself. The physical is only a small aspect of existence. It is very easy sadguru.

By analyzing the footprint you may know a few things but it does not reveal the nature of life. Because life is the highest value. Love is not what you do.

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Sadhguru quotes on love love is your quality. Collection of top sadhguru quotes on love only the one who is beyond the fear of losing oneself can know love can be love. That is the nature of the human mind sadhguru.

If there is no love in your heart you are anyway guilty of adultery. Love is not what you do. Love is the way you are.

In this cosmos not even 1 is physical the rest is non physical. Love is your quality. Pleasure is just a shadow of joy.

11 if you think a hundred percent logically there is really no possibility of life sadhguru. Sadhguru quotes on happiness. Sadhguru quotes on love.

We have to become sensitive to life not to our thoughts emotions egos ideologies or belief systems. When there is no joy in you you become a pleasure seeker. Love is not a need.

Best sadhguru quotes on love relationships love is not what you do. Whether you are looking for sadhguru quotes on love or sadhguru quotes on emotions the guru poet and mystic has numerous quotations that you can read to quench your inspirational thirst. Sadhguru quotes on love.

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Love is your quality. Sadhguru quotes on love. 10 if you tell yourself you don t want to think a certain thought that is precisely the first thing your mind will produce.

If someone loves you for who you are you are fortunate. Love is what you are a spiritual process is not a divorce from life.

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