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These are foolish people. By the way these are all lies and quotes from a psychopath unable to.

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Here is a collection of laughable stupid things donald trump has tweeted today so you only have to look in one place.

Dumb trump quotes. October 14 2016 you know i m automatically attracted to beautiful i just start kissing them. Well the fateful day is finally upon us businessman reality tv star and braggadocio enthusiast donald trump is running for president finally living up to the years of hinting teasing and. Let president elect biden and vice president harris do their jobs and don t behave like a four year old child.

Mind you so was hitler. Donald trump is box office. There are so many to choose from.

Donald trump mocking the women who alleged he sexually assaulted them suggesting his accusers weren t attractive enough to earn his attention. The donald has ridden in like a one man hurricane blowing the us presidential race wide open defying his many many critics to sweep aside jeb bush ted cruz john. Trump says something stupid almost every day we need to refresh our memories with this this this this and this.

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15 we have to get the schools open. The fake news of which many of you are members is trying to convince the public to have a recession trump said. A lot of people don t want to do that for political reasons not for other reasons trump dismisses anyone opposed to opening.

It is very bad for america waiting for a jerk who can t stand losing. We have to get everything open. Somebody will say oh freedom of speech freedom of speech.

America first and not trump first. There is no doubt. That savior does not include donald trump much to his chagrin.

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And the whole city is furious it s not clear to me where trump got the evidence that either retailers on 5th avenue or the. And all merchants along fifth avenue are furious. Trump is the chosen one during the christmas holiday christians celebrate the birth of their savior.

We have to talk to them about maybe in certain areas closing that internet up in some ways. Donald trump donald trump thinks he can call bill gates to close up the internet. Let s have a recession.

In the stupidity wars trump is the big gorilla the dumb. The 75 most ridiculous trump quotes.

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