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We re losing a lot of people because of the internet. Let president elect biden and vice president harris do their jobs and don t behave like a four year old child.

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On health care nobody knew health care could be so complicated.

Donald trump dumb quotes. It is very bad for america waiting for a jerk who can t stand losing. Trump on president obama s birth certificate. We have to see bill gates and a lot of different people that really understand what s happening.

Under the green new deal they don t like clean beautiful natural gas. The green new deal don t know what they like. Donald trump donald trump likens his schooling to military service in book.

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And the whole city is furious it s not clear to me where trump got the evidence that either retailers on 5th avenue or the. Donald trump isn t going to make the pro vaccination crowd that is to say pro sound science very happy. America first and not trump first.

Didn t he go bankrupt i didn t go bankrupt donald trump on filing for bankruptcy on parts of his various businesses. And all merchants along fifth avenue are furious. I have a lot of.

Nobody has better respect for intelligence than donald trump cnn 11 8 17 on the anti missile we re increasing our budget by many billions of dollars because of north korea and other reasons having to do with the anti missile cnn 11 8 17. Here are 10 dumb donald quotes that prove this is just who he is. If i ever decide to run you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten.

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85 copy quote i love pitting people against each other. These are stupid people that say oh didn t trump declare bankruptcy. And the us can t claim to be a clean energy producer when it burns the amount of fossil fuels it does including gas which trump claims is clean which leads us to.

So many questions and oh not for nothing but trump called a past president dumb and praised an authoritarian ruler while representing america on foreign soil. The temperament is not that different. Lol funny politics stupid.

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