Tips on Choosing the Right Snow Blower

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Shovels are slowly being phased out as ways to clear walkways and driveways during the winter, and rightfully so. Besides doing the job for you in less than half the time spent manually completing such a task, snow blowers guarantee you are not left feeling sore. A decent snow equipment piece is a good investment and will last you a number years should you settle on the correct choice. Here are a few pointers on factors you should have in mind when purchasing one.

The size of your property

Since there is an extensive range of snow blower sizes and types, it is easy to pick out one that best suits your requirements. The size of your walk or driveways will, however, be one factor that will heavily influence your choice. Should you have a somewhat little deck or porch, an electric shovel or a single-stage blower could suffice. These are ideal for lighter snowfalls not exceeding 8 inches. You can scale up the choices to either electric or gas snow blowers if your property is somewhat larger. The terrain will also determine whether you choose a single-stage, two-stage or a three-stage snow blower. You might even consider procuring a professional grade blower should you be in the landscaping business. It is important though that you choose a snow blower that will enable you to spend the least time possible outdoors as increased exposure to very low temperatures makes you susceptible to frostbites.

The kind of snow you need to clear and the terrain

The more complex the snow blowers become, the better they are suited to handle larger volumes of snow. Single-stage blowers are ideal for light snow, while the two-stage blower, which is suited with jagged augurs, is capable of cutting through ice and hard packed snow. The latter also have taller intakes and can be used on graveled surfaces. Push-propelled snow blowing models are ideal for level grounds, while engine driven models are able to clear sloped terrains.

The snow blower’s accessories

Snow blowers are usually accompanied by accessories that will make you enjoy everything that’s nice during winter. For instance, they are fitted with Halogen or LED lights that come in handy when you need to clear snow early in the morning or late in the evening. Skid shoes are extremely useful if you are clearing uneven terrain. Drift cutters are not optional, should you be living in an area with heavier snowfall and strong winds. Clear plastic caps are optional and are ideal if you are to clear snow during a storm. These protect you from precipitation and the wind.

Choosing which snow blower to purchase need not be taken lightly, and you should consider investing quite some time in doing your research to get value for your money. Go through the various reviews and find out what others have to say about what you decide to buy before purchasing it. You should also consider the maintenance costs you will incur from time to time.

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