Shaving Tips for Teens and Tweens

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If your preteen son is asking about shaving, it’s time to start preparing him for the milestone.  Most boys look forward to shaving, even though they’re not ready until puberty years. Some will develop facial hair when they’re around 14 years old, while others begin to shave in the late teen years.

Either way, these handy tips with help you to teach the young man how to do it the right way. Indeed, you want him to shave safely and hygienically.

Choose a Quality Razor

An electric shaver is your best bet for a tween who’s just learning the ropes of proper shaving. Not only is it convenient, but also reduces the likelihood that your child will cut himself. Plus, he doesn’t have to use a shaving cream or prepare his face.

Teach Him the Correct Shaving Technique

Let your tween know the importance of shaving in the direction of the hair growth. It will prevent cuts and nicks. He may start shaving against the hair growth once he’s more used to the shaver for a closer shave. However, at this age, that might not be necessary.

Encourage him to pat his skin dry after shaving with a clean, soft towel. He shouldn’t rub his face – just gentle pats. Let him allow the skin a couple of minutes to breathe before applying an aftershave.

One more thing – because an electric shaver is motorized, it will generate some operational heat, causing irritation. It is, therefore, essential that your tween starts with sensitive areas such as the neck before the shaver gets heated. Let your teen press it against the skin lightly without going over the same spot over and over again.

 Teach Him How to Maintain a Shaver

Your tween’s electric shaver will perform better if properly maintained. Replace any worn out parts before using the shaver.  A well-maintained shaver will deliver a better shave and last longer. Teach your teen how to use a cleaning brush to get rid of dust deposits from the blades and the foil. While you’re at it, visit and check out this model that 100% waterproof and washable for easy maintenance.

Also, he should avoid tapping the shaver on the edge of the sink to remove dirt. By design, an electric shaver is a delicate grooming tool and can get easily damaged if not handled with care.

 Patience is Important

Your teen may not get a clean shave for the first few times. Nonetheless, as his shaving skills develop, it is only a matter of time before he achieves the desired results. Encourage him to stick to one shaving technique to allow the skin time to adjust and to reduce irritation.

In Conclusion

Electric shavers are here to stay. In fact, they present one of the easiest and convenient ways to get rid of facial hair. By teaching your teen how to use an electric shaver the right way, you will help him grow into a well-groomed man. And the best part is, it doesn’t take long to learn how to use a shaver correctly.

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