How to Care For Permed Beach Waves

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If you have straight hair and always dreamt of getting the perfect beach waves or if you have frizzy hair that never settles into perfect curls then you could achieve your dream look by getting a perm. Perms are the only way to get the desired curls easier and permanently. Permed hair does however require some maintenance and you need to follow certain rules to keep your hair from frizzing.

How to prevent weaves from frizzing

Haircut – It is important to have the right haircut for beach waves or your hair will bulk and get frizzy. A layered haircut will allow your hair the freedom to move in a breeze without frizzing and getting tangled.

Shampoo and conditioner – You need to find a light shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair and reduce the amount of washing because wavy hair needs natural oils to keep from frizzing.

Comb instead of brush – Brushing your hair will make it static and cause it to frizz a lot. If you really have to style your hair once it has been dried then you should rather comb it than brush it.

Get a leave in conditioner or mousse – This will reduce the amount of frizzing and contain sudden loose strands if the weather messes with your perfect perm.

Get a good quality hair dryer – Even the best of perms cannot provide you with the perfect hair style. You need to apply the right drying techniques and you need to have the right type of hair dryer to ensure your waves look as smooth as possible. The right dryer should have multiple heat and speed settings so you can monitor the heat that is applied to your hair. The dryer should also have a cool shot function so you can finish off your hair drying treatment by cooling your hair for a softer and shinier look. Curly hair should be dried by using a diffuser to help enhance the perm’s curls and to prevent excessive frizzing. You can find out more about the perfect hair dryer to prevent frizzing on

Maintaining your perm

It is important to learn how to maintain your new curly hair so you will not be disappointed with the new results. You should also take great care in researching the after care of perms because perms are incredibly difficult to straighten and the process cannot reverse, it can only be outgrown. Invest in a good hair serum to keep your hair from drying out and always apply heat protective lotions before drying your hair. You should also learn to style your hair with as little brushing as possible because excessive brushing and touching will diffuse your hair’s curls and cause unwanted frizz.

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