How to choose the perfect stroller for your baby

By / December 10, 2014 / Health

Strollers are one of the main baby equipment that is widely available in the market. Today, we can choose not only between the intricate designs and materials but also choose a pretty much any color we like, making it more of a fashion attribute. So, just as the women would carry the bags of different colors and materials, as they get babies they could apply the exact same approach while choosing for another stroller rental.

So what is it that makes a perfect stroller? First of all, the perfect thing would need to perform its needed function and it has to be proven durable enough, unless you don’t mind changing them like every year. Finally, although the fashion is all a great idea, in reality we would usually consider it on the third place, competing for this kind of necessity pedestal with the other nonetheless important factor, which is the actual price.

As we consider the utility of a stroller, you might need to familiarize yourself with some important things to consider in terms of its usefulness. Pay attention to the materials that are used for the stroller, especially when it comes to the seat itself. Does it have any pointy edges or rough materials that could irritate or otherwise make uncomfortable your baby? Then you might stay away from such models and continue your search, perhaps from other brand models too. Hopefully there are thousands of different strollers you could seamlessly rent or buy, depending to your needs, so don’t limit yourself.

If you are satisfied with the quality of the materials, try to think of how good it could fasten your baby. Does it provide some protection from falling objects? If the stroller turns over or gets bumped or suddenly pushed, could a baby still get hurt? If everything is fine here, then I would congratulate you for finding the stroller that meets the common expectations of its utility.

Now it’s time to consider the durability of your stroller. The first thing an experienced mommy would look at are the wheels. I’m sorry for this, manufacturers, but the wheels are really of the most non-durable elements, that result to over 50% cases of discarding. Then again, if it is a foldable model, pay some attention to every fold, and make sure it doesn’t break in the first couple of months.

After this you would only need to consider two factors, which are the price and its trendiness. Here, my advice would be rather simple. Considering the trends with all these different colors and fashion altogether is definitely cool and a worthy investment. However, when you come by an item that is offers pretty much the same utility and durability factors while being offered at a double of the price of a standard stroller, then pushing your choice further towards a cooler design would become an overkill.

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